Your personal dance education coach. I’m a classrooms expert and specialize in lesson planning, unit plan design, and curriculum creation, as well as classroom management strategies. I have over a decade of experience teaching, writing curriculum, and developing programming.

I am also the host of the Dance Boss Podcast  where I have in-depth,  conversations with the experts and industry professionals giving you actionable takeaways you can use to grow your dance classroom, dance studio, and dance business.

"Erin is very aware of how the dance community works and the voids we have...You can tell she is an educator first and wants the best for the community."

Doctors for Dancers 

How can I help?

I help dance educators successfully, confidently, and clearly deliver amazing classes, and curriculum to each and every student consistently through a select group of 1on1 clients and my virtual monthly professional development membership - Dance Boss University.

“Can’t I just avoid planning my dance classes?”

Yes, of course you can, I have done it, and we all do it from time to time. But, when we do this we block ourselves off from teaching and functioning from our zone of genius, we spend to much time worrying about what to teach next, or why we are teaching it, that we stifle our creativity, and our students growth. 

Why not make it easy on yourself and have professional development at your finger tips, where you can learn strategies from industry leaders, and tips to make your teaching life easier. 

And If you want to get to know me even better...

Jersey girl all the way and I graduated from Montclair State University with a B.F.A. in Dance and received my M.A. in Dance Education from New York University.  

I landed my dream dance company at 34 - Pilobolus Creative Services. That was short lived when I realized that touring at 34 was not ideal for me.

I have been the dance director at Rosa Parks High School of Fine and Performing Arts for 14 years and fun fact this is the high school I graduated from. 

Paul is my person, we met when I was 36 and he got me at “I like your hair”. We own a dog -Chloe, I love her and got her at a time when I felt really alone. 

I love talking, anywhere, anytime.

I am super picky with my food. I’ll eat anything, but (and this is a big but) if it’s not prepared with my annoying modifications/specifications, I probably won’t eat it. 

I have 5 siblings, and 4 of them are twins (2 sets of twins to be precise). I’m not a twin, and that’s ok, my family often says they couldn’t handle 2 Erin’s.

This is me my friend, I can't wait to learn about you.

xo, Erin