Lesson Planning Accelerator 


with Erin Pride

Get control over your dance classroom and studio with a clear curriculum and organized lesson plans that reflect your values and meet your students' needs. 

How would it feel to...


…have more freedom and less stress in your life?

…never again have to lesson plan in the car on the way to the studio?

…be confident your end recital pieces meet your standards?

…know you have the lifelong skills and systems you need to develop clear, organized, and effective lesson plans no matter what classes you teach down the road?

…increase your student and staff retention, and have your staff carry out your values and mission in their dance classes as a studio owner?

…be more marketable to studios, gain the confidence to negotiate higher pay rates, and teach more of the classes you love as a dance teacher?

…be able to unplug, go on vacation, and know your studio is running smoothly while you're away?


...know that your staff is consistently delivering quality instruction that aligns with your beliefs as an educator and studio owner

…have a community of like-minded people, where you can share questions and insights, and problem solve together?


I'm here to tell you, it's within your reach! You just have to take the leap!

Join the Lesson Planning Accelerator Mastermind

Kind Words...

"I am full of gratitude, your professional developments for my staff have been so insightful. You have provided them with fresh perspectives and tools to be the best teachers they can be while leading with the Sukha values. It is such an amazing gift to know my teachers are showing up, and providing quality education that meets my vision." 

      - Christine Chan, Sukha Arts Center 

"Honestly, your resources have been the first I've been able to find that help me systematically organize dance lesson plans so clearly." 

    - Bethany Peterson, Educator 

"I feel like you gave me a new pair of glasses, and suddenly I can see things so much more clearly.  So many amazing ideas, insights, and tools for me to integrate into my teaching, and make it the best I can."

     - Tessa Williams, Educator 

"Erin has pushed me and believed in me. I've never met her in person but her joy and passion radiates through every fiber of her being. She has helped me revolutionize the way I think about my studio, my program and my classroom. The knowledge that I have walked away with is priceless and I can't wait to create more, introduce this to my staff, and most of all get in class and share it with my kids! "

     - Heather Driggers, Owner, Studio South PAC

It took years for me to find my way to clarity as a dance educator. Now I help other educators do the same.

Who I am...

I help passionate dance educators and studio owners by working with them to create a curriculum, lesson plans, assessments, and benchmarks that improve their student outcomes. I love joining them in creating a dance classroom  and studio that works for them!

...and why I do what I do

Why? Because I was once a new dance teacher and studio owner – and eager, energetic, and ready to take on the dance teaching world. And then I hit some roadblocks.

>> I know how frustrating, and chaotic planning dance classes can be.
>> I know how hard it can be to set yourself apart from the studio down the street. 
>> I know how overwhelmed you feel when you have no idea what your staff is doing in the classroom.
>> I know what it’s like when the end recital arrives, and you feel disappointed.


I remember when I attended my first professional development program and my world came to a big halt when my administrators started throwing around terms such as, "benchmarks,” “assessments,” “bloom’s taxonomy,” “lesson plans,” and “do now's." I can keep going, but you get the point...

And guess what? I was not about it - I mean I went all these years teaching without thinking about this stuff, and thought, "what's the point?” And I kept that attitude for way too long, friend.

Well, after many years of resisting and being overwhelmed, I gave in. Little-by-little I started adopting these techniques into my teaching practices, and let me tell you, It. Was. Life-changing. 

I took all the jargon and systems the academic teachers used and translated them into a system that spoke the language of dance education. 


I began…

  • using bloom’s taxonomy to move my students up the learning scale

  • creating lesson plans that were usable

  • crafting lessons based on my values

And you know what? I conquered the ferocious burnout and comparison monster.

Adopting these strategies into my studio allowed me to get a handle on students/staff retention. 

And that is why I am here.  I want to help you find freedom in dance education, and to not waste any more time or energy when there is an easier way.

xo, Erin 

What's Included?



ONBOARDING ASSESSMENT A 45-minute, 1-on-1 onboarding call to assess your challenges and needs, and to work together to create a roadmap for achieving your goals. ($150 value)

WEEKLY HOT SEAT COACHING to laser focus on YOUR dance studio, your questions, or anything you want to discuss while implementing program. ($250 for 8 hot seats)

 TWO GROUP COACHING CALLS per month (4 in total). You can also presubmit your questions ahead of time in case you can’t join live. ($500 value)


WEEKLY LESSONS to help you develop all the skills you need to create a cohesive curriculum. ($300 value)

ONLINE LEARNING PORTAL Videos, templates, pdfs, and other tools to make your life easier.  ($1000 value)

A PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY for the duration of the mastermind to network with your fellow Lesson Planning Accelerator members, share wins & challenges, get support, and most importantly, problem solve! (priceless!)

LIFETIME ACCESS to the program material, trainings, and the valuable skills you learn inside the program. 

STAFF CURRICULUM TRAINING After you move through the Lesson Planning Accelerator I will provide you with the tools to train your staff. We’re talking training videos, swipe files, email copy & more. And if you’re a dance teacher, not a studio owner, you can share this with your fellow teachers and studio owners to get them on board as well!

... a total value of over $2200, but you can hop in today for $999, two payments of $550, or six payments of $197.

What We'll Cover


Your why and getting to the core of your values, and uncovering the skills, approaches, and tools needed to help your students propel. Answering questions like - what makes you, your studio, and/or your teaching stand out? 

We will identify your ideal student based on your values.  Getting rid of the "I serve all mentality" and really designing a learning environment where your ideal student can thrive. 

A step-by-step process of creating usable benchmarks based on your values and your students’ needs.​

Once you are done creating your values-based benchmarks, I will help you develop a lesson map outlining what to teach and when to teach it. 

The ins and outs of Bloom's Taxonomy, and how this system can be used as a resource to provide students with in depth learning experiences for each class. 

Creating class goals that are in alignment with your values, meet your benchmarks, and ensure students are learning deep, not wide. 

You will understand how to implement objectives that support your goal, ensuring student learning is systemized.

The "how" of creating meaningful assessments, ensuring students reach your desired goals.

What you will walk away with...

You'll walk away with comprehensive Lesson Plans for an entire school year/dance season detailing what to teach and when, outlining specific goals and objectives for each class, including benchmarks, assessments, goals, and objectives.


You'll also have a robust Student Growth Plan​, so you always know why you are teaching each lesson, and how it prepares your students and equips them with the skills they need to acquire, and the lessons they need to learn.

Lastly, you'll walk away with lifelong skills and systems you need to develop lesson plans no matter what class you teach down the road. You'll learn the very best and most actionable strategies and techniques I learned while earning my Master's degree in Dance Education at New York University.


I'm in! I don't want to miss this!

Who it's for...

This program is for you if...

  • You’re passionate about dance education, and ready to take your teaching to the next level with lesson plans, assessments, and benchmarks that speak to your values and your students' needs.

  • You’re willing to dig deep into your vision for your classroom and your life, the story that brought you here, what you believe in, and want you want to stand for.


  • You thrive working in groups and you enjoy being held accountable, sharing insights, and gaining perspective.


  • You're ready and willing to put in the work to be successful (about 2 hours a week). 

So, are you ready to get you dance-planning game on?

You've got Q's?

Frequently Asked Questions

I've got A's...

How long is the program?   

The program begins July 7th, and is a total of 8 weeks. Just in time to plan your 2019 - 2020 Dance Season!


How often do we meet?

We meet once 1 on 1 for a 45 minute on boarding call.  The group will meet via zoom 4 times for group coaching calls.  You will also have an opportunity to schedule 20 minute 1-on-1 weekly hot seats, where I will answer any questions you have while enrolled in the program. 


What is the format of the program?

The Lesson Planning Accelerator Mastermind is a group-coaching program.  You will go through the video training and complete each lesson. A pacing guide will be provided. It is recommended that you complete the 2 assigned lessons before our group coaching call.


What if I miss a group call?

All calls will be recorded and available to you. 


How do we track progress?

We'll track progress through monthly group coaching calls, weekly hot seats, and assignments.

How many classes can we address?

We’ll be focusing on one class during our time together, but every technique and step you learn can be applied to any other class and discipline you teach. And remember you also get a system for rolling this out to your staff, so you will have the tools to guide them though the process of creating a curriculum for your entire program.

What if I don't like the program?

You must do 30 days of full investment into the work, and if after that time you are not pleased with the program you will receive a full refund.


Shoot me an email at and I'll be glad to answer it!