#54 Team Building in Your Dance Classroom & Studio with Jessica Michaels

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

The importance of social and emotional learning has become a mainstream topic in education.

But, what exactly is it? And, how can you apply it in your dance class or studio? Today’s guest Jessica Michaels dives into the skills and mindsets needed to overcome these challenges and help connect people with each other in real life.

Today we talk:

  • The importance of connecting on a 3D level instead of 2D!

  • Looking out for people and becoming everyone's wingman

  • Learning social skills to be able to communicate effectively

  • Having emotional skills to be comfortable in your uniqueness

  • Growth mindset - "I don't know everything, and I want to learn more!"

  • Challenge mindset - "I won’t lose hope, I will try harder!"

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