#79 Building Recognition in the Industry with Diane Foy

Updated: Apr 11

It’s totally ok to want to make an impact.

It’s totally ok to want to be know for something.

It’s totally ok to want to be a leader in your industry. 

Feels weird to admit these things right? Don’t worry. I use to feel the same way. I use to feel guilty and embarrassed that I wanted all of those things. Then, I realized I was stuck in the “I don’t deserve to make money for my gifts,” “I am a bad person if I want to be a leader in my space,” mindset.

Sure I do, and sure you do too! 

If you want to make impact in your space, do it and be proud of it!

If you want to be paid to make an impact in your space, do it and be proud of it!

If you want to partner with brands, speak on stages all around the world, be featured in magazines for making an impact in your space, do it and be proud of it! 

We all deserve to make money sharing our gifts, and we all deserve to share our message. As long as the services you provide are of value to your people. As long as you are leading with integrity. And, as long as you can lay your head down on your pillow at night, proud of how you showed up. 

Wish for the moon and get the stars baby! 

I want a lot of things and I will not apologize for it, and you shouldn’t either! 

In today's episode, my guest Diane Foy, dives into making an impact and reaching the masses.

Diane helps artists "cultivate authentic connections with audiences and industry gatekeepers so that they can build a thriving career in the arts, without feeling overwhelmed or doubting themselves." In her 15 plus years in the industry, she has worked with the likes of Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell, punk pioneers D.O.A., actor, singer, and author Mackenzie Phillips, and Pretty Little Liars actor Tyler Blackburn. She is a publicist, coach, podcast host, and all-around entertainment badass.

We talk about getting clear on your vision by answering the questions:

Who are you?

What do you want?

Why do you want it?

We also discuss the importance of being able to figure it out and keep it moving.

Diane dropped a lot of gems and I know you will enjoy them!

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